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About Gym Devotion

About Gym Devotion

Gym Devotion is a clothing brand that was created for individuals that are devoted to living an active lifestyle. You are devoted to your fitness and following a healthy way of life. We know that you love being fit and you are a part of the fitness community. While we may all have some common goals, we are all unique individuals. We have a variety of fitness apparel and accessories to help you showcase your devotion to your fitness. 

Our line is designed to be both fun and functional while you are working out. We are continually adding new designs and the great thing about our line is that it looks great even outside the gym! 

When we started this line, our mission was to make sure that those that are truly dedicated to improving their health/fitness can have functional and comfortable attire that invites them to be a part of the fitness tribe and community. At the gym we see one thing... a group of people motivated and striving to improve themselves. We all are in different stages our our journey. There's no place for judgement regarding size, ability, or fitness level.

The mere fact that we show up day after day and make conscious efforts to improve speaks volumes. 


We focus on health not your weight. Fitness is more than just a # on a scale.

Workout because you love how it helps you grow...mentally and physically. Eat right because you want to live a long life. Build a community of like minded individuals because there is power in numbers.

Be a part of our community. We welcome and embrace you. 

Working out is universal